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Disha act is a victory for all women in Maharashtra ; says mns mla raju patil


Sejal Jakhotiya

December 24:
On the second day of the winter session, MNS MLA with all votes in the court successfully passed the Shakti Act. The law provides harsher punishments in all cases such as rape, gang rape, acid attack, controversial or offensive content about women and children on social media, defamation by broadcasting photographs. Meanwhile, MNS MLA Raju Patil thanked the government and said that it was a victory for all women in Maharashtra.

Against the backdrop of frequent incidents of rape in Maharashtra, MLA Raju Patil had repeatedly demanded that there should be a strict law on the lines of Andhra Pradesh to ensure justice for rape victims. This type of crime continues to be investigated and heard in court for years. Therefore, there is no fear of the law on the perpetrators and it is taking a long time for the rape victims to get proper justice. Therefore, MLA Patil had underlined the need to make strict laws in Maharashtra as well as in Andhra Pradesh.

मागील लेखकल्याणच्या केम्ब्रिया इंटरनॅशनल शाळेतर्फे समाजातील वंचितांसाठी ‘जॉय ऑफ गिव्हिंग’
पुढील लेखकल्याण डोंबिवलीत आज आढळले कोरोनाचे 17 रुग्ण तर 13 रुग्णांना मिळाला डिस्चार्ज

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